Thursday, February 3, 2011

pLaYINg In THe SNoW wItH tHe BiLLs FaMiLY!

Last monday we took a trip up Mt graham to play in the snow! It was REALLY REALLY cold! In fact we went while it was still snowing which made it even colder! but it was so much fun! we went with the Bills family, and much like tate, it was way too cold for the kids to leave the car!! We forced them though! (great parents we are huh!) But i think they ended up having fun once they went down the sled...well everyone except reagan! :)


tate running from the jaguar
the fish were as big as tate!

The Zoo was a BLAST! It was the first time taking tate to the zoo and he absolutely LOVED it! It was the first time Jon and I went back since the day he proposed to me too! So the Reid Park Zoo has a special meaning to us! but this time it was all about tate! His face was priceless every time he saw a huge animal, like the tiger or elephants. I wish I could have understood all that baby talk that was taking place! He seemed to be asking all the animals questions. I cant wait till we get to go back as a family again!

He really seemed to like the reptiles! i had to pry him away from them!
This squirell wasnt afraid of tate! and tate wasnt afraid of the squirell!
Jon was so patient with tate! He practically held him the hold time so tate could see all the animals! too much excitement for the stroller I suppose!
tates SHCOKED face when he saw a tiger for the first time! Priceless!

pLaYROOm & TaTEs ROOm!

i finally sucked it up and painted our playroom! It was not so cute before, but with Cassies help it looks a lot better!! Each wall is a different color, and the bottom half is white. I need Jon again to put of the same railing that we have in Tates room then I will HOPEFULLY put stripes on the white part. We still have a long ways to go until its all done, but having a project to do is always fun! Next bodines room!

We Just about finished Tates bedroom! (finally!) Jon has been great helping me out in the process too. He put up the white railing, which really made the room look completed! And thanks to Amy we were able to paint over all that ugly blue paint that was originally there! Overall I am very happy with tates "cowboy" themed room! there are a few more items that need to be hung up, like a shelf and some pics, but for now I think it doesnt look half bad!

Tate waiting to see his cowboy room!

side shot

another side shot
tate being silly

last shot

Thursday, December 30, 2010

CHristMas 2010! FInalLy ALl CAUghT Up!!

Christmas this year was awesome! Tate is at such a fun age now! while he still doesnt quite understand, and yes, he is terrified of santa, he still gets so excited
when he sees all the decorations and lights! Opening presents was hilarios too becuase he couldnt get over all the balloons!! Next year santa might just have to get balloons and not waste time on presents! (doubt it though!)

TaKIn A CRuISe WiTH My SwEEtheARt & FrIEnds!

We planned it for months and it FINALLY came! Our cruise to cozumel, mexico and The Cayman Islands! We left right before my birthday on a midnight flight thinking that NOTHING could go wrong. Boy were we wrong! First, our connecting flight was cancelled in Atlanta Georgia. They couldnt get us a flight in time to actually catch our Ship! We were freaking out when the NICEST lady from out the blue helped us out and took us off stand by to give us the last 8 seats to tampa! We would arrive just in time! However, when we get there it turns out weather has permitted the boat to come into dock, so we ended up losing a whole day on the ship! which meant that we didnt get to go to the cayman islands :( Which actually turned out to be a GOOD thing becuase our luggage got lost on another flight and didnt end up coming to Tampa until late that night! And all that took place on my Birthday!! BUT BUT BUT!!! once we got on the ship, we had an AMAZING time! I have never had so much fun with my loving husband. he made the experience rememberable! Ofcourse, we had all our great friends there with us to make the experience even batter! Michael and christa Clonts, Tanner and Amy Larson, Seth and JosyLyn Larson, And Shawn and Val Beals! Thanks everyone!! It was awesome! I cant wait to take another trip with you all! But maybe next time, not in Dec to avoid weather issues :)